Saturday, June 30, 2007

Draw Draw Draw Your (Farm)

One time dimple and i spent time to draw because we were not connected online. Just to kill time and here's some of the results:

Dimple's orange orchard

My apple orchard

We're Sisters

Every June June 29 til my birthday -- we are of the same age. LOL! She's my yuonger sis but in times like this, i would alway say she is the "older one"

Happy Birthday Sis!

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Raining

Rainy Days

I love the rain in our lives
It reminds me of the times that are special
The times that we take just for ourselves
The times for just you and me and the rain

The gentle rains are the times for our walks
To feel the wetness against our skin, walking together
To laugh and splash like children in the puddles
To kiss and embrace in the sweetness of the rain

The thunderstorms are the times for cozy fires
Resting in my arms and feeling the warmth of desire
Feeling the security of being lost in my love
Listening to the pounding of the rain and our hearts

The lighting flashes across the dark skies
It lights up the room and highlights your smile
You bring a glow to both my heart and my life
Those brief interludes of light illuminate your love

As the thunder outside rumbles ever so near
It is like the love inside me that yearns so near
Building and growing stronger each day
Till like the crash of the thunder, my passion explodes

I love the rain that falls in our lives
I love the feelings that each storm provides
You and I live for each storm that comes by
Oh, my dear, the rain says I love you all over again

photo credit
poem credit

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Musical Cave

Liu Bin and me infront of the musical cave.

With the driver, Mr. Ja.
We travelled by car and took us almost 3 hours to get there from Zhangjiakou City where i was working.

Pictures With the Grottoes

The biggest!

Trying to touch the face. =)

A grottoe weathered by time.

3 buddhas? =)

Famous Yungang Caves of Datung City

I also had the chance of visiting Datung City where the famous Yungang Caves is located.

Me and Penny at the Entrance.

/> This is what the people come to see. One in the many.

The famous Buddha with a necktie. (they said a gift from France)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

At Potala Temple Replica

A closer shot of the temple. We are already at the place and on our way to the top of the red building.

Whew! at last i made it to the top. I almost can't made it coz it was so high and i was so tired after too much walking. But i made it so i took this memorable photo of myself at the most top. =) It was soooo windy. See my cropped hair? seem waving. =)

Chenge Mountain Resort

Please click here for information about Chengde Mountain Resort and the following are my pictures taken out there.

Solo from the top of the mountain resort with the Potala Temple replica as my background.

River inside the resort and the tourist information board. My camera is not that good or it's the picture taker who is not good. :D

Visiting Some China's Tourist Spots

I have stayed in China for only 3 years (working) and i didn't have much time to travel and see many natural wonders the country offers. For 2 May holidays i had the time to go out. The first one was a visit to Chengde City, Hebei province where i stayed for 2 nights and 2 days and the next year (2005) i made it to Datung to see the Yungang Caves - just a an overnight trip.

Visiting Chengde after working in a very polluted city (Shijiazhuang) for 2 years was a break of the dirty skies. I even have to placed my head out of the car just to smell the fresh air of the place..the blue sky so impressive and one can enjoy the summer fresh air. One of the beautiful spot to visit there is the Emperial resort and the Biggest buddha temple - which is a very impressive sight from the top of the mountain resort.

The above temple is a replica of Potala temple of Lhasa, Tibet below.

Image source: Chinatour dot com.

You can read more of Chengde City here.

And the Potala Temple here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Festive Look at Puning Temple, Chengde City

Christmas Picture with Penny

This was taken December 24 in the afternoon during the christmas program of the Grade 1 class 1 students. It was a memorable day for both of us. Many of us wore sth with red during that day. =)

Saturday, June 16, 2007


As i said, aside from the breathtaking view, u can learn how to ride a horse and do horseback riding or do the following.

enjoying the rides:

picture taking in native's traditional clothes:

Guesthouses in the Zhangbei Plains

There are guesthouses in the plains for visitors to take a rest or incase they decide to stay for the night or days. Aside from breathtaking views, one can do horsebackriding and camel riding.

This is what's inside the guesthouse. That's a woolen cloth on the i can imagine how cold it will be at night.

Another type of guesthouse.

Zhangbei Plains

Zhangbei Plains is located in Zhangbei County, west of Zhangjiakou City. It was my last trip as treat by the college before my contract was done. It was a one of a kind experience. They developed the place into a tourist spot -- a place to see and visit by foreigners and natives.

We went there daytime. I wonder how will it be at night. ((???)

Monday, June 11, 2007

with my GIRL

She looks like me!?? =)

My Problem

A 34 year-old, female, 5'3" and weighing more than what is required of her ht.
She has weight problems.
She wants to find cure in her cravings.
She wants to find cure in her laziness to exercise.


Outing with Friends

with tottie and girlie. we're classmates from grade 1 til grade 6

dimple,me & girlie

Friday, June 8, 2007

Meet Her

She's a miniature tarshier from Bohol. Ma'am M gave her to me yesterday. I named her Tash. She's real cute. I posted her at my other blog and John Doe commented sharing me the link of his wondeful family.

I wish to see a real one -- one day soon. =)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Winter View from the Office window

The upper photo shows the area on the way to my apartment (that big building). am staying on the 3rd floor.
The lower photo shows the front of the school (the fountain)and the gate. The English Department is on the 4th floor.

Winter Time

A snowy view from my kitchen window. The upper view shows the school building and the lower picture shows the girls' dormitory.

Location: Zhangjiakou Vocational Technical College, Zhangjiakou City

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer Resort

This big river added to the coolness of the Summer Resort. According to the city natives, the king of long ago from the western part of the kingdom used to come to this place during summer to cool.

The Rooftop

They looked like waves. Part of Puning temple located in Chengde City, Hebei Province, China.

In traditional Chinese Dress

Taken by my camera:

In another person's camera angle:

The Chinese traditonal cloths behind me are for sale but the one i am on is for lease for picture taking. 5 yuan per dress. That kid looks like my own. hehehe But he is not. I saw him not so far away from me so i grabbed him and told him to smile. Most chinese kids can understand the english word "smile" now -- so that boy didnt scream for help infact he made that beautiful smile. After the shot i hugged him and told him, xie xie ni. wo shi ni peng you. :D

These photos were taken at the same time from different angles. Taken in Chengde City, Hebei Province, China. May holiday 2004.

--photos uneditted

Friday, June 1, 2007

Male-Only Hospital

Male-Only Hospital located in Datung City, Hebei, China. I find it a bit amusing a hospital like this exist. I wonder if the nurses and doctors there are just also MALE. ;-)

Datung City: May 2005

Love Forever

After a long hot water shower, the mirror got misty. I thought of drawing my face but just can't, so i scribbled our names on it. It's LOVE.


I took this photo at Paradise Island in Davao last July 2006. Little fishes very busy swimmin after bread crumbs given to them by the tourists. Management said, it is feeding time. 10 to 11 in the morning. I framed it with one of yahoo photo frames and the effect looks like its inside the aqaurium. :)

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