Thursday, April 29, 2010

62/365 - Sunrise {April 29, 2010}


For the past months, i took me sometime to get out of bed at 5;30 in the morning to ring the buzzer and go out to each rooms of the girls to wake them up for worship. But for the past weeks, i discovered that at 5:35 to 5:45, the sunrise looks so inspiring that i look up to that every morning.

Soon we will move out of this place and move to the old dormitory and surely i will miss the great sunset and sunrise view from the 4th floor of the Annex Building.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

61/365 - Orange Ball


One morning, while there was no electric power, i looked out of the window and this is what i saw. They orange beauties group together in a ball. I wonder if they were also feeling the heat or they were in a meeting but it is good to see them like that. I thought all of them were orange but as they did that, i discovered that one of them is black in color but have a lil paint of orange on its fin. :-)

LP - Nakatali [Tied]

Magandang Huwebes sa lahat!

Napakaganda ang araw dito ngayon dahil wala kaming koryente for almost 8 hrs. Kaya nagsimula kami ng mag trabaho at 4 pm na. Tapos na akong sa aking ginagawa ang uuwi na sana pero natandaan ko na Huwebes na pala bukas. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon!

Ang aking lahok sa linggo na ito ay litrato ay dalawa dahil gusto ko rin isali yong kuha ng anak ko. :) Kaya heto - (buti nalang di masyadong mahirap ang tema sa linggo na ito)



Feel ko parang mali.
Dapat yan ay NO ENTRY! (Bawal Pumasok)
or pwede rin
DON'T ENTER! (Huwag kang pumasok)

Please correct me if am wrong. hehehe

Ang signage ay nakatali sa gate or else ang mga bata kagaya ng anak ko ay papasok for the sake of their curiousity. Dahil di siya makapasok, kinuhaan nalang niya ng litrato. :)


Ito naman ay kuha ko sa KCC Mall sa General Santos City noong 2008. Sya ay isang K9 at nagbabantay ng mga masamang elemento gamit ang kanyang ilong. (sniffing dog). Sa tingin ko ay aso ay pagod or di kaya inaantok. Di nga rin sya mukhang masaya siguro dahil sya ay merong chain na nakatali sa kanyang leeg.


I wish to translate them by paragraph but my post will end us as a very long one. In short, i am submitting two photos now, the signage was taken by my daughter during a trip to Dapitan last year and the sniffing dog is mine, taken at KCC Mall in General Santos City in 2008.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

60/365 - Foggy Mornin

april 27

I know it rained last night but i never thought it would last the whole night. When i went around to wake up the girls for worship, i took sometime to go out the side door to breath the fresh air and this is what i saw - a mist of white clouds in the further hillside. Oh i wish it was around the building. It made me miss my dear MVC.

Oh let me add, i've got only a month more to enjoy the sky scene in this area because the girls dormitory will be moved to the old location.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

59/365 - Welcome OS - International

april 26Align Center

They are around again for the 6th time. The last time was in 2004, so we are so happy and honored they have come again to serve those who need cleft lip and cleft palate repair.

They will be here for a week. Their pre-op area is in the third floor of the Annex building and the post-op are is on the 5th floor. The third floor is not yet inaugurated but it was opened to these patients.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

58/365 - Sunset

april 25

Sunset from the 4th Floor of the MSH Annex Building

I am going to miss this spot soon as the dormitory will move back to the old location. Although i can see the same sky everyday from here - but when i imagine i am going to miss seeing the sunset or sunrise from a better elevated area then i feel sad.

On a positive note, i still hope i can see the sunset and sunrise again from other locations - like the beach! the mountain top! or ...any places when i can.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

57/365 - Ice Cream Craze

april 22

It's the boss birthday and everytime he celebrates it in the office there would always be ice cream. See the ladies, can't almost wait for their turn. They ladies who are on diet. They didn't eat much of the bread and pancit but surely they can eat multiple cones of ice cream. lol!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LP - Pindot [Press]

Ako ay sigurado kung alam ninyo kung ano ito ang nasa larawan ng aking lahok. Sa mga bagay na ganyan, ang kulay talaga nila ay pula at merong maliit na button na merong takip. at ang hugis nila ay bilog. Nakita ko sa TV na pag pinindot yan, iingay ang buong gusali at mag takbohan mga tao palabas ng gusali.


Ang larawan na ito ay kuha ko sa aming dormitory. Minsan iniisip ko kung ano kaya ang mangyayari if pindutin ko yan. Gusto ko malaman kung iingay ba sya at if iingay nga at magtakbohan ang mga tao sa Annex building. Baka makapatay pa ako ng mga pasyente dahil sila ay nag panick. Ano kaya mangyayari sa akin.

Sana mag fire drill kami at pwede akong mag volunteer na taga-pindot dyan.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

56/365 - The Last Viewing

april 8

I took this shot as i was approaching the coffin for the last viewing. On my right hand is my camera and on my left hand is a pink daisy. It was a touching moment. After dropping the flower, the next in line is to console the immediate family. That was the last viewing then the casket was closed. At the burial site, it will not be opened anymore.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

55/365 - At the Wake

april 7Align Center

We arrived there late afternoon so we had the chance to view Pastor LT minus the crowd. The front is filled with white flowers by the Flowers Unlimitted. The wreathes given by friends were placed to the far left and far right of the coffin. Those white flowers are all fresh.

Location: Naomi's Botanical Garden, Ozamis City

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

54/ 365 - Bangkok Loots

april 6

Long ago, while the Bangkok tour was still months away, i felt a bit bad knowing i can't go. I was alone in the office when the Bangkok tour and local tour went on. I was a little sad. But when they were back, i it was so heartwarming to see that some did have some "i thought of you" something for those who were left behind and am one of them. I also got a bag from a dear friend who is already working there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

53/365 - Ninja?

april 3

Nope. That's my niece making funny pose and faces with a scarf.

52/365 - one hot summer sky

april 2

on our way home from the dormitory.

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