Monday, August 25, 2008

Tinago Falls

My relatives and I went to Tinago Falls today. It's my second time to go there although majority of us was their first time. My mom was not able to go because i was sure she will have a hard time and we just want to avoid emergency so she was left behind.

Iligan City is know as the City of Waterfalls and Tinago is one of them. I think Tinago is derived from the name Nakatago which means hidden in English because it's location was really hidden from the public. To get to the site will be by foot on steep stairs which they said counts as 365 steps but others will say they are almost 400 or more than 400. Whatever, I did not count it today because I feel i had a hard time. I kept resting inbetween 5 steps on steep angles, and 10 steps on not so steep angles.

- the steep stairs. cool to go down but too tiring when going up -

- the falls -

- the bridge that will take you to where the raft is. but pay 10 pesos first. -

- the raft that can take u to where the water "falls".-

- another take of the falls from a higher ground -

- i think she's beautiful. -

I just wanna share here some pictures of the falls:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tapos {An After-burial Ritual}

We went up to the old home of my grandparents last Thursday. I missed the whole day work but it was just right because am the representative of my family since my mom can't go. It was the 9th day from the day of the burial of my aunt and they had this ritual of "tapos." I was so curious about it that i decided to go. The pictures will tell all. :-)

-- one of the steepest climb that we have to get off from the motorcycle. --

-- the last time i walked on this trail was 25 or more years ago. that's more than 2 decades already --

-- the home of the aunt that died. she's a widow so she stays alone in that house. she died at the stream and not found out until she decayed and smelled so bad. It's the bad smell that led to a cousin to find the source of the smell and they found it was her. She was discovered she was lost almost a week already. --

--that's full of rice. and while they waited for that to cook, some women were busy preparing for the meat dish they gonna cook after that. --

--that's halang-halang cooked in big keetle coz we don't have the pan. hehehe --

--main part of the ritual. food being served to the one who died.--

--the brother of the dead, talking to her sister (the one who died) --

--foods served in this bani ng saging (or inner skin of the banana plant)--

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Third and counting...

Oh my gosh, i will believe it now, it's really addicting. I just made this one now:

Credits to Shabby Princess

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect..

But it's not yet PERFECT. Purrrfect maybe. :-)

actually this one is made here at home and the other one is from the office. i like how the PS works there than here at home. maybe ill upgrade what i got in here.

Hey! It's me...

Material Credits: Shabby Princess

New Baby - Guitar

Just for the record, i wanna share here Dimple's new baby:

-Baby G -
Born: August 16, 2008
Iligan City

Thursday, August 14, 2008

LP - Liwaliw

Ang White Island ng Camiguin ay isa sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan ng mga turista ma Pinoy o hindi Pinoy sa Island. Hindi kompleto ang iyong bakasyon sa Isla na yan kung hindi ka makapunta sa white island na nasa gitna ng dagat. Di ako mahilig maligo sa dagat pero mahilig ako sa magandang view na dulot ng asul ng dagat at ng himpapawid.

A strip of white island in the island of Camiguin is one of the places that tourists love to visit while there. The vacation is not completing without taking the 10 minutes trip to that bare stip of sandy white beach. It's my 2nd time to be there last May and I enjoyed my time taking pictures.

The Little Big Girl :)

--the love of my life. taken last Friday after the class program program at the hospital front.--

Thursday, August 7, 2008

LP - Ako (o parte ko)

Ang mga larawan na lahok ko ngayon ay mga parte parte ng pagka-AKO.

--mata/pilokan ko--

--labi/ngipin ko--

-- anak ko --


Monday, August 4, 2008

A Kiss

-- i love you, anak--

--i love you, sis!--

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