Sunday, February 28, 2010

28/368 - My Usual Meal

Pancit Canton with greens. :)

We had this for lunch.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010


It's a non-working holiday. Birthday of Propher Muhammad. After gym time and decluttering my nook in the office, i went back to the dorm to freshen up. Then i thought of taking a picture of what i can see below me. But i used this pic, seems i like the look of the side view of the administration building.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LP - Husay (Able/Skillful)

Dekorasyon Hango sa Buwan ng Pag-ibig. :)

Ito ang sasalubong sa iyong tingin kung ikaw ay papasok sa Gaisano Mall dito sa aming munting cyudad ng Iligan.

Simula ng magkaroon ako ng camera, am always fascinated with lobby decorations at napansin ko na ang tema ng dekorasyon ay depende sa season. Dahil ngayon ay buwan ng pasko kaya ganun ang dekorasyon.

Sa tingin ko, ang isang tao o empleyado ng Gaisano o kahit ibang big malls ay kailangan ng sapat na husay para makagawa ng iba't ibang tema sa loob ng isang taon. HIndi ko alam kung gawa ba talaga yan ng Interior Designer o simple lang na mga trabahador ang gumagawa nyan dahil sila ay inuotosan ng kanilang mga boss.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25/365 - Bake Mac

Baked Spag (in the making)

It's Ma'am Apple's birthday today and this is her treat for her well wishers. :) She prepares 2 layers of this spaghetti with white sauce. She did this in our office kitchen so i had the chance tot ake pictures. She is still going to bake this when i took a shot! Possibly by now, it's already cooked. :)

Happy Birthday, Ma'am Apple!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

24/365 - Give-Away Goods

This is what we gave out today to the admitted women at the OB ward section of the city hospital. We prepared 18 bags and all were given away. The last bag was given to an admitted 29 days old baby at the pedia ward.

The bag contains, diapers, bed mat, baby clothes, and bottled water. The feeding bottle was remove at the last minutes because it's not allowed inside the hospital. The hospital is a mother-baby friendly hospital.

Friday, February 19, 2010

23/365 - Noodles with Moringa leaves

What i had for lunch. :) I just love the morenga in it. :)

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge - TREE

I found this challenge meme as i was hopping for LATSOF. One thing nice about this meme is that it is done only once a month. The TREE challenge rans from February 15 until March 15.


These are pine trees from the college campus where i graduated. The last time i visited there was in December 2010 and this area always brings back so many nice college memories.

These cottages under the trees were not yet built during our college years. I bet students nowadays are so lucky to enjoy relaxing there especially during CSU days.


Align Center

Feels like autumn.

I saw this on Friday but had the chance to take a shot of it on Saturday afternoon on our way to attend the AY. The falling leaves really looked like it's autumn season here. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

LP - Batik/Mantsa [Spots & Specks]

Nang nabasa ko ang tema sa Facebook kahapon, ang una kung na remember ay malong/sarong o mga batik na damit nga mga Muslim. Kaya sabi ko na sigurado akong makakuha ng batik batik na litrato sa Room 6 sa dormitory pero ako ay na dismaya. Hindi na sila gumagamit ng patadyong o malong. They just dress like what we do (pants, shirts, blouses, & uniforms) Kaya ang batik batik na office wall namin ya nakunan ko ng litrato kahapon para reserba incase di ako makakita ng batik na malong.

Maligayang araw ng LP sa lahat!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

22/365 - The New TD

Feb 22 is holiday because it's the anniversary of the Philippines People's Power. Word was also spread that Feb 26 is a local holiday because it's a Muslim Holiday. When we asked the HR office what kind of Muslim holiday, they can't tell us, so, I was instructed to call the PIA - Philippine Information Agency. I was told they still don't have notice about that 26 is a holiday. So we put off the 26 announcement of NO CLASSES and NO WORK.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

21/365 - Today's Advice

I have oftened this room more than anybody's room because if I can't find the Dean in our office and in her room, I can find her in Room 5.

Earlier, when i went their to get the heater, I took the time to look at the wall closely and wow, it's a unique wall of quotes.

My eyes is not 20/20 anymore so i can't read any of those single notes. Of course the title is readable. It's a great reminder for the girls staying in MSH College Room 5.

Monday, February 15, 2010

20/365 - My New Phone

My New Phone :)

Bought this end of January 2010. :) My old phone is at last replaced but still usable though the battery dries up quick that you can't talk to me more than 5 minutes and when i travel, am already unreachable after an hour of departure. I tried swallowing my guilt (in buying a new phone) when i bought this. I just felt it is high time to buy a something "for me".

Goodbye old phone. Thank you for serving me a good six years. :) It's not yet the end of you but i will be giving it up to someone who can still use you and am sure you can still last another 6 if the user is very caring of you. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

19/365 - Me on VD!

Me on Valentine's Day!

Ain't I pretty? hahaha Pretty man jud!

I left the dorm at almost 11 am - after I did laundy and ironing. It is a perfect day for sky shooting so i took some shots and then also took a shot of me. I did not have a date but i still used a printed red blouse. I just forgot to paint my nails red last night. I am off to the office.

I will be using the sky shots on Friday at my DIMT blog. So, you can watch out for it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Someone gave this to me last December. A cute one. From Australia. D likes it though she has one but of smaller size, but i told her this is for me and since it is given I will keep it forever. :)

Thanks Bing for the pasalubong. :) Along with this is a lotion, pink cap, and a key holder.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project 17/365

For some days (the last was Sunday), i did not hold my camera. Although the camera is always in my bag. Yesterday my girl borrowed it for their first day of "elementary day". She came back to the office earlier to return this and also to show off their pictures.

One thing i observed was her different look (the eyes). It was emphasized! She seems to be using something that i can see she is getting "maarte." So i asked her who did it on herself (the eyes) and she said, just herself. I told her, "she is beautiful" hehehe

I think she is so i took a shot of her.

Hmmm just a busy mommy here bragging about her daughter. lol!

Note about this project:

Feb has already started and am lagging behind my shots. Am sorry. But am really hoping that i would be able to finish this project.

LP - Iyo {Yours}

God gave us NATURE to behold, to enjoy the sceneries, to use, and to take care of.

Ang litrato na ito ay kuha ko noong isang Sabado habang kami ay nag didistribute ng mga relief goods. Napakaganda na lugar para pagmasdan ang sunrise at sunset. Sa panahon na ito ay maulan kaya gray talaga ang feeling. Not just the feeling, the color too!

Araw ng mga puso ay ilang araw nalang. Sana meron akong irog na pagsabihan ko ng "ako ay iyong iyo." at sabay yakap na mahigpit. I miss those moments lalo na pag valentine's day. For sure sa linggo (Sunday) punta ako ng malls para pagmasdan ang paligid na makulay at mga tao kung paano nila cine-celebrate ang araw ng mga puso.

Anyways, alam ko ang Dios sa langit ang nagpakamatay sa cross para mabigyan nya tayong lahat ng buhay ng pang-habang buhay. (God died for us on the cross to give us life eternal. Through that dead life eternal become "ours"

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 16/365

I was literally stuck in the dormitory Sunday and i was not connected to the world even a minutes so it made me feel bored. I did not mind so much because i was able to sleep (long hours) the way i wanted it sometimes and was also able to do tons of laundry. While i did all that, Dimple was watching animated movies with some of the dormitorians. I just took time to go out after worship to send her home and also I spent some time to be online.

Sometime that later afternoon, I saw this sky beauty. I think it was beautiful, i told Dimple to run to get my camera.'s a moment captured.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Project 15/365


A picture signage that reminds everyone that God is the Great Healer.

I pass by this corner everyday since i move into the dormitory in November 2009. What moved me to take a shot of this on Friday was the plants added to that spot. :) It made the corner friendlier.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project 14/365

Administration Building
Liceo de Cagayan University
Cagayan de Oro City

I went on a official trip to Cagayan de Oro. First itenerary was CHED then proceed to Liceo de Cagayan University and the last stop was Capitol University.

Both university places were huge and am very much impressed. Before i entered the Liceo campus, I just can't stop my camera clicking and this is one of my favorite shots - THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING or the Rodelsa Hall.

It was my first time to enter the campus of Liceo.

LP - Akin [Mine]

Ang Toshiba na laptop na ito ay akin.
This Toshiba laptop is mine. I never thought i would dream to have my own laptop. After attending the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in General Santos City in 2008, i promised myself that one day, I too can own a personal laptop. I was motivated to dream by bloggers doing their stuff on their laptop even while the meeting is going on. :) I went again to the MBS 3 without a laptop and saw more and more bloggers with laptop and they are online even while the speakers are speaking. Id like to think that they were taking down every word the speaker says. hhehehee
Big gratitude to a very good friend for buying this lappy for me. This came all the way from LA and was bought the day before my cousin will fly to the Phils. :) I take good care of this thing like a baby for two reasons - it's expensive. I can't buy anything like this anytime and another thing, this is not yet fully paid. :)

Meron din akong Globe tattoo. Salamat sa regalo na binigay sa akin ng aking pinsan na binigay noong pasko, nakabili ako nito. :)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project 13/365

Love is in the air!

It can be felt at Big Ben's fast foods. Passed by there Wednesday when i encashed a check. Truly love is in the air coz the hearts and cupids are hanging in their ceiling. hehehe

I think i had pizza but did not take photo of them because my battery died.

Monday, February 1, 2010

12/365 - Nel & Me

Here's thinking of him.

Never mind the imperfect heart drawing. :)

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