Thursday, July 31, 2008

Litratong Pinoy - Dalampasigan

Ang mga litrato na maibahagi ko dito ay ilan sa mga beaches photo na nakuha ko sa taon na ito (2008)

--maraming tao gusto magpakuha ng litrato habang sila ay nasa white island ng Camiguin.--

--isang litrato nakuha ko sa Initao Mid-way Beach Resort. Ang mga tao dito ay mga kasamahan ko. Sila ang pangatlong batch na sumakay sa glass boat na yan para makita ang kanilang coral sanctuary ---

--ito ay kuha ko sa La Estrella Beach Resort, Bohol noong Abril. Ang speedboat na makita dyan ang mukhang malungkot kasi di pa sya ginamit. Di pa rin masyadong malalim ang dagat kasi ito ay nakuha bago mga 8 ng umaga. --

Friday, July 25, 2008

LP - Kanluran

o araw saan ka pupunta?
sana pwede akong sasama sa iyo sa KANLURAN
...paalam o araw
at kikitain kita makalipas ang walong oras.
am now humming the song ---
Day is Dying in the West.
But for sure the next day it's up again in the opposite side of the world.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pagkaing Pinoy (Filipino Food)

It was mom's birthday and we managed to get some food for her birthday. With the help of dimple, and mom's buddy, my nephew and also a neice later, we had a happy dinner at 6 pm. we feasted on the following food:

-- mom's cake. see the 66 in it? it was her 66th bday. --

--the bihon guisado from Chandy's. i opted for an order coz it can
save cooking gas and the time. :D--

-- a dish specially made for mama. That's minus oil ha. i cooked the
onion and carlic in a lil amount of water and
added the vegetables.
it's the asparagus soup powder that gave it the nice smell and taste.--

--pineapple! the best. :)--

Saturday, July 19, 2008

hAPPY 66TH mA!

--may this wish will still come true, Ma.
I know these grasses are waiting for you to clear them up.
I wish you still more years so that you can build up
your dream house at this spot--

Happy 66th!
God has been so good. :)

Litratong Pinoy - Luntian (Berde)

-- ilan sa mga litrato ko na pwede magrepresentar sa kulay na BERDE--

- the green-grassed loan beside the damaged church, not very far from the sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island. --

-- and kulay ng buhay! ito ay isa sa amga maraming rice plantation sa may Valencia, Bukidnon. Took this photo, several Saturdays ago--

Friday, July 11, 2008

i love sunset!

-- original--

-- edited --

Playing with Photoshop

--this one has been edited by a professional photographer and designer.--

--i did this after he tried to teach me on how to do basic framing using photoshop. then i also tried to experiment enhancing some colors and i think ther's a difference. i wish i have saved the original one. --

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Symbol of Love, Courage & Respect

The RED Rose

i took this shot one Saturday afternoon when we visited
Dr. Lolita's home after her kidnapping incident.
That's a bouquet of rose given by the group
(bought by Ma'am Demol)
to be given to her to show our love. :)

Pink Bougainvillea

Bright lovely pink Bougainvillea.
SN: bougainvillea spectabilis

but i can never wear a cloth with that
pink shade. Nail polish maybe but on winter time.
I took this photo one morning on my way to work.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

LP - Tatak Pinoy

Ilang mga produktong sa isip ko ay tatak pinoy lang. Ibig sabihin ito ang ilan sa mga 100% tunay pinoy na mga produkto. Medyo ako nahirapan maghanap ng mga larawan para sa thema na ito gusto ko kasi yong t-shirt but wala ako ngayon sa island shop so pmunta nalang ako sa mini mart namin at kinunnan ko ng shot ang mga ilang paninda doon.

I had quite a hard time deciding on what to use for the theme today then i thought of pinoy products -- thus the above pictures.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunset Melody

Failing yet gracious, Slow pacing, soon homing,
A patriarch that strolls
Through the tents of his children,
The sun as he journeys His round on the lower Ascents of the blue,
Washes the roofs And the hillsides with clarity.

--William Ernest Henley--

Mid-way Beach Sunset

See the sun! God's crest upon His azure shield, the Heavens.
- Philip James Bailey-

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