Thursday, December 24, 2009

LP - Regalo {Gift}


Ang GIVE A HEART (Bigay ng Puso) ay isang tradition na ginagawa ng MSH at MSHC tuwing pasko. Kaya masaya ako ng malaman ko na ang tema ngayong linggo ay REGALO dahil meron akong mga litrato ng mga regalo na kuha ko noong Desyembre 13.

Napakasaya ang gabi na yon at alam ko na ang mga kapatid namin sa iba't ibang barangay ay naging masaya na mahawakan nila ang kanilang mga regalo na bigay namin.


It's been a tradition of the Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital and College for the past three years to give a heart. We celebrate Christmas party together with Thanksgiving (November) and it is at this time that we have to bring our gift. (Gift from the heart)

The gift has varied contents. There are can foods, biscuits, bar soaps, noodles, and or used clothes or other necessities. This year we collected the gifts on a Sunday evening then the schedule for distribution to some barangays was done on the Tuesday and Thursday after.

These are some of the gifts received that night from the workers.

Here's Ma'am Ruby with her gift. Lucky her she remembered to bring a gift. My weekend was full of activity that time so i forgot to bring mine. Good thing we can go in even we don't have a gift.

That was a fun night because it was a 3-in-one program. Thankgiving, Culmination, and Christmas Party. We gave a gift and at the same time all workers got a gift in form of money (bonus for the regular workers) and material gifts (for the contractuals) Since it was a culmination for the Hugyawan 2009, our group bagged the second prize and here is our gift:

a 20 Thousand Pesos cash prize!

Here's a group pic with our prizes - the cash prize and the trophy.

It was a fun night!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LP - Paskong Pinoy

Christmas - Filipino Way

Dito sa Pilipinas, ang isang Christmas tree ay hindi palagi gawa sa green tree o dried na mga sanga ng kahoy. We can create a tree using any recyclable materials.

Noong isang buwan, ang Hugyawan 2009 ay nag launched ng Christmas tree (decor) contest. Ginampanan ito ng apat ka grupo. (Pink Flamingo, Golden Falcons, Gray Hawks, Peace Cockatoo).

Ang mga sumusunod na litrato ay ang mga itsura ng mga christmas tree at or belen na gawa-gawa ng bawat grupo.

entry of the peach group

made up of lights and medicine cups

entry of the gray group

made up of x-ray films
silver and white paper

- entry of the pink group -

their tree is made up of medicine bottles

- entry of the golden yellow group -

the tree is made up of dextrose bottles
the fence is made up of busted flourescent lamps

After the group contest, it was also announced that each department should make a tree. So, this is the Administration Office tree.

the tree is made up of thesis books.

After a week, my office mate decided to change the change the form of the tree -

- and this is our final entry.

Ganito ka creative ang pinoy! Kahit ano lang magagamit para lang maka porma ng Christmas tree.

Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas'09 Decoration Contest Entry

The Hugyawan 2009 launched a Christmas Decoration Contest by Department. Days after the announcement we made our manger and christmas tree. But as the days went by, more and more ideas came into reality. The final judging will be tomorrow and these are our entries to the contest:

- The Belen (Manger) -

- closer view of the manger -

- Our Christmas Tree -

All entries should at be made at least 80% from materials found in their respective departments. We used here the student's thesis submitted to the Academic Dean's Office.

- Our newspaper stand got dressed up, too! -

I want to go around the hospital floors later tonight to check out their entries. Hope to see them lighted. I know they are very eye catching, too.

I will announced the winners maybe on Ruby Tuesday next week. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

LP - Hudyat

Napakasaya ko talaga noong isang araw ng mabasa ko through facebook na na LP is back. Na miss ko ang LP kahit paminsan minsan lang ang entries ko.

Welcome back LP at siguro dapat ko gawing NW resolution not to miss a single entry. Masubukan ko nga.

Ang tema sa araw na ito or sa linggo na ito ay HUDYAT. Tinanong ko ang aking isang kaibigan na mahilig din sa litrato kung anong ibig sabihin nito at nung inexplain na nya naintindihan ko rin.

Nakita ko ang signage na ito on the road level we are on and below is the rocky cliff of the deep sea. Linagyan nila ng signage dahil noong unang panahon maraming namatay dito dahil di nila inakala na napakalagi minsan ng alon.

Gusto ko talaga na mag early post but we had no internet since yesterday afternoon. It came back at 12 today but i had to finish so backlogs so i got no option.

Maligayang LP sa lahat!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

LP - Amoy


Ang unang dumating sa isip ko pagkakita ko sa tema ay PERFUME. Pero wala naman akong collection ng mga bote ng perfume. Kaya naisip ko ang pwede gamitin mag gawa ng perfume - ANG BULAKLAK!

The first thing that came to my mind when i saw theme was PERFUME. But i don't have a collection of perfume bottles so i thought of one of the basic ingredients in perfumery - FLOWERS!

Ang mga bulaklak na ito ay kuha ng anak ko doon sa Sarangani Highlands, General Santos City.

These flowers were all taken at the Sarangani Highlands in General Santos City. The ones that has the nicest smell is the one inside the round jar and the one in the middle. If i am right, the one in the middle is called Sangumay. That has a very lovely scent.

I wish that all flowers smells like how they look. :)

Maligayang LP sa lahat!

A Green & Blue Combination

taken at the Opol Bird Sanctuary

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LP - Ma (Sinop)

(Ma) sinop - economical, thrifty


Hindi pala mura magpakasal. Hindi rin pala mura mag organize ng mga events. Kaya the mga litrato na ibahagi ko sa inyo ngayon na araw ay aming version sa tema na masinop or being economical. Pasensya na di ko ma translate word for word ang sumusunod na paragraph pero alam ko na maintindihan rin ng lahat.


The other month, while coordinating a renewal of vows ceremony (just equivalent to wedding ceremony) I realized that it is so tiring to plan and coordinate a wedding. Thinking back of the stuff we prepared and made, i then too realized that it is not cheap to be wedded. We just made the invitation, the give-aways, and even the certificates.

- each costs P11.00 only. -

- the result after filling it with some flowers and crystal stones -

- and this is what we made for the sponsors-

If we have ordered these stuff then we would be spending around 50 pesos each (maybe) but since we made it ourselves, It only costs us 21 pesos each.

- the invitation -

- the certificates - (lovingly made by the officiating minister who came all the way from Seattle Washington).

In this institution where I am in, we often have get together activities that calls for special meals or even just a simple meal. Simple meals, if ordered outside and it is to be served to almost 40 people, then it costs a lot. So to save money, we often cook just our food here in our kitchen. One unique thing about our administration in this campus is that, we have our own kitchen. During the 15th anniversary, we have saved so much because we cooked our own food.

- 30 kilos of bangus -

- 12 kilos of this for lunch for those who helped in the cooking -

- days before the day of cooking, the dry ingredients were all ready.

I think that doing things on our own costs us a lot of time but it also let us save a very big amount of money. We could have easily ordered it out for comfort and convenience but it was way cheaper if we do it on our own. Thanks to the bayanihan spirit, we all had a wonderful evening (enjoyed the program and the food) during the night of Renewal of Vows and also during the 15th anniversary program.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LP - Maagap

MAAGAP (Quickness)

Ang mga hulagway ko ngayon ang mga "something to remember" objects. Isang araw, gusto ko kumain sa isang fastfood restaurant dito sa aming lugar at ang numero na yan ay ang order number ko. Nakalipas ang sampong minutes, lumapit ang isang waiter at sinabi na ang isang order ko ay wala raw. So sinabi ko ok lang alisin nalang yong wala at patuloy yong ibang order. Isang sampung minutos ulit lumipas at sinabi naman na naubos ang supply ng "ano" - ay ewan. Sabi ko sa babae - cg nalang. Kunin ko nalang pera ko. Di na ako nagutom so di nlang ako kakain.

Sa tingin ko di sila maagap magbigay ng tamang serbisyo sa kanilang mga customers. Inisip ko nalang na di naman siguro ganun lagi kasi minsan din ako kumakain sa lugar na yon. Sa akin lang dapat nung nag order pa lang ako sinabihan na ako agad na di available ang particular order ko. At least the 20 minutes was not wasted because i took these photos. Siguro i was fated not to eat that time para mabawas ang timbang ko.

Bago ako umalis, kinuhaan ko nalang ng hulagway ang colored seat. Yong ibang kulay kunan ko sana pero dapat akong umalis agad bago ako commento ng masakit dun sa waitress. :)

At ito naman - pag ang sanggol ay gutom, sila ay maagap maka ubos ng kanilang dede. :)


It took me sometime to understand the word "maagap." I still have to check the dictionary and there were several meanings i read last night. The thing that stayed in my mind was the "quickness" so these photos shared here depicts my point on quickness.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LP - Tamad (Lazy) & RT


This is how the back of my bedroom door looks like if i get lazy decluttering my room. I feel it's not a nice trait for a lady. lol!


Ito ang makita mo sa likod sa pinto ng aking kuarto sa panahon na akong ay tinaTAMAD. Alam ko di magandang asal para sa isang babae pero may panahon talaga na ganun. diba? lol!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LP - Lansangan (Street)

Align Center

Isa ito sa paborito ko na lansangan sa Maynila lalo na pag ang panahon ay di masyadong init ang simoy ng hangin ay hindi dala ang amoy ng basura.

Ito naman ang gusali na makita sa lansangan sa likod ng aming college. Yan ang araw araw ko na madaanan noong di pa na transfer yong gate.

Ito naman ang makita sa dulo ng aming lansangan. Yan ang isang parte ng hospital (The OR aon the second floor and the PT Dept on the ground floor. Residential yong nasa third floor. The one one with pink curtain is the Delivery room, adjacent to the OR). Paglabas mo ng gate namin, dalawa ang option mo. Papunta ka sa kaliwa na mas mahaba pa ang lansangan. Kung sa kanan naman merong dead end dahil sa hospital wall.

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LP - Haponan (Dinner)

Noong Sabado ng gabi, ang mga workers ng Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital and also the College had the Renewal of Vows Ceremony. Napakaganda ng gabi. Ang pagkain ay simple na masarap pero sa gutom at ka busyhan nakalimutan ko kunan ang pagkain mismo. Pero di ko nakalimutan ang prutas at dessert na kinain namin sa gabi na yon. Ang lahat talaga ay nasayan sa haponan. :)

Ito ay napakasarap lalo na para sa mga tao na mahilig sa jackfruit. :)

Ito ay ang devil chocolate moist. Nawala ang diet sa gabi na yon. Kasi kahit busog na busog na sila sa main dish di nila pinalampas ang cake na ito. :)

Maligayang LP sa lahat!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

watery wednesday # 21


one old photo that brings so much good memories.

Entry to the meme hosted by sweet

Thursday, August 6, 2009

LP - Almusal (Breakfast)

PhotobucketAlign Center

Ang almusal ay ang pinaka importante na pagkain sa buong araw. Kaya kami sa bahay palagi kami nag aalmusal sa as early as 6:30 sa umage. Palagi partner ng kanin ay gulay at minsan merong pritong isda o pritong itlog.

Kaya kahit ako ay nasa travel, di talaga pinapalampas ang almusal. If it happens to be at Jollibee then hot chocolate drink will not be missed. Paborito ko na almusal sa jollibee ay yong serving ng rice and chicken sausage and sunny side up egg. :)

Maligayang LP sa lahat!

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