Friday, February 27, 2009

LP - Bulaklak


Magandang huwebes ng gabi sa lahat!

Ang bulaklak na ito ay kulay dilaw pero ang nakita nyo ay monochrome na sya. Iniisip ko, meron kayang black and white na bulaklak? Alam ko merong puti at marami na akong nakita na puti na bulaklak. Pero ang itim...hmmm parang hindi pa. Kayo, nakakita na ba kayo?

Ang bulaklak na ito ay tinatawag namin na Gumamela. KUng gusto mo malaman ang scientific name then paki google nalang.


This flower is originally in yellow color. But i turned it into B & W using Photobucket. I wonder if there is flower colored black & white as what is showed above. We call this flower Gumamela. If you want to know the scientific name then just google it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Moon?


I wish with all my heart that one day i could take a big shot of the moon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

LP - Tipanan (Date)

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Magandang Huwebes sa lahat! Akala di ko naman magawa ang LP ko sa linggo na ito. Pero bago ako matulog, kailanga ko muna ito gawin.

Ang isang dalampasigan ay isang lugar na gusto kung puntahan sa panahon na gusto ko makipagdate sa aking sarili. AT isa din ito sa mga maganda na lugar na puntahan if kasama mo ang iyong irog or partner. Ito ang isang lugar kung saan kayo ay makapag isip ng malalim dahil sa malawak na tanawin. Ang malawak na dagat at ang malawak na kalangitan ay isang mensahe sa akin na palagi merong pag-asa kahit ano man ang dumating sa iyong buhay.

Gusto ko ring isipin na ang isang perfect date sa iyong Dios or sa iyong kapwa ay ang silencio kasama ang paglubog sa araw or ang pagsikat sa araw. At ang litrato na ito ang isang lugar na di ko malimutan kasi isang panahon, sa aking buhay, ako at ang aking mahal ay nakaupo sa isla na yan para mag enjoy sa sunset.


I'd like to think that the beach or the sea side is a perfect place to have a date - be it with someone or just with yourself. The sky and the seas is so wide that you can't fathom the natural beauty God made for each one of us.

The picture i shared today is a photo of a place that is unforgetable to me. One of the best place to watch the sunset and for sure sunrise (but never done the sunrise). Unforgetable because one time in my life, i had a date there with my the guy who named me, "my sunshine." They person is gone, but the place will forever be there and the memories also stays within me til the day i die.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sepia # 17 - Hi!


Hi there! It's Sepia Wednesday once again. Here's our pet baby cat. Originally colored. I changed the tone to sepia by using the sepia mode at Photobucket (pinkish tint) and then mix it a bit with the bronze mode.

Watery Wednesday # 14



The baby fish at the fishpond beside the Admin Building. It's nice to watch them swim at any time of the day.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RT # 22 - Red Footwears

I am thinking that in the soon future, i will buy one of the red footwear i saw at Gaisano Mall. My daughter and I was out to the mall last Sunday and while she decided to spend a long time in the booksale store, i decided to go to the lady's section (footwear) to check what's nice and to take some "red" photos. It was sort of like a post-valentine date with my daughter.

May you enjoy my photos with "reds" today:


--i love the color although the style is not for my kind of feet. i feel that this kind of red is sooo juicy. --


--this costs more than P400.00 pesos. Or around $10.00. But i seldom spend that much for a pair of sandals or footwear. But looking that it is made of a good material then i might go back to pick that someday. I wish it is still there when i go back.

--Dimple wants to have this. Also costs $10.00. I told her it's not her priority for now so i told her that "maybe" next time. :)

--i wish i own the three of them.

I just love shoesessss shoeses. hehehe

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unique Variety


Yellow Flower




I just call it yellow flower because i dunno the exact name. They look like orchids but they are not orchids eiher. I think they are a wild variety. These plants beautify the front of the Admin building in our school.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

LP - Hugis Puso


Alam ko kung bakit Hugis Puso ang tema natin ngayon na linggo -- dahil ngayon na buwan ay buwan ng mga Puso. Ang mga puso na ito ay dapat Matamis na Puso (sweet hearts) para palagi buo ang puso. Kasi pag hindi sweet baka ang mangyari ang biak na puso. Oh well, greetings ko sa lahat na LPnians -- Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso! Sana sa araw na ito lalo na sa Sabado, kung saan man kayo naroroon, kayo ay punong puno sa pagmamahal.

Ang litrato na ito ay kuha ko last week. Isa yan sa mga hugis puso na nakadikit sa dingding ng hallways sa aming building. Isa sa aming mga guro (English teacher) ang nag require na lahat ng mga estudyante niya na gagawa sila puso para sa Araw ng mga Puso. Kaya if bibisita kayo sa aming school ngayon, ang mga hallways sa Main Building ay puno ng mga PUSO. Ito ay para maka remind sa amin na ang buwan na ito ay buwan ng Pag-ibig.

--One of the hearts that decorated our hallways in the main building of this school.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sepia # 16 - Happy Valentine's Day


This photo is originally red but shoot it in sepia tone. Happy Heart's Day to all!

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Watery Wednesday # 13

The unpredictable weather brought us flood anytime, any day. The photos i will be sharing here were taken last week (Friday). It rained so hard that many places were flooded, but not enough flood to destroy homes.

--this meets you when you get out of the admin building. Prior to this shoot, i saw kids swimming in there. hehehe --

--a grassy portion were small kids can play or relax, it was also filled with water.

--this is the gate leading to my home. The water is up almost to my knees but thanks to the boots -- i did not step on the flood water.

I don't like floods but it's a happening that no man can stop. The weather around the world is really unpredictable these days. One day it is sunny the next day can be very cold and wet to the extent it floods.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

RT # 21

Happy Valentines! Here are some photos with a RED that reflects the special day of HEARTS. :-)

--this is the view outside my cubicle window. :-) The hanging hearts

--what you can see one side of the MB hallway. :-)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LP - Tsokolate (Chocolate)


Kung ikaw ay maaga pupunta tuwing Faculty and Staff Meeting or In-service meeting ikaw ay reregalohan ng "something nice" dahil ikaw ay isa sa mga "early birds." Yan ay isang Kit Kat bar na natanggap noong huling In-service meeting.

Magandang Huwebes sa lahat!

Sepia # 15 - The Grand Pelican

A Grand Pelican shot from the barge we were on last Friday afternoon. :-) This barge travels from Mucas wharf to Ozamis City wharf and vice versa carrying people and vehicles.



Originally taken on sepia mode.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 12

I went to a nearby place during the week-end and to get there we will have to take a 15 minutes barge here's one of my photos.


PhotobucketAlign Center

Ruby Tuesday # 20

Since Mary suggested office with anything red for this week so i made sure i took some reds in my office (actually my former office) because yesterday i moved into another office. :)


--the phonebook is partly red.


--red filers in shelf inside the function room

I took these photos just for Ruby Red. hehehe

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LP - Lila (Violet)

Last week ko pa nalaman na ang tema sa linggo ay violet kaso lang wala talaga akong picture na may kulay lilac. So noong Huwebes nakita ko na may mga kunting bagay na kulay lilac sa opisina ko at ito ay nakatayo sa gilid ng aking lamesa...


That's my garbage pail in my former office.

More Lilac photos dito.

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