Saturday, January 30, 2010

11/365 - Community Outreach ( My Firsts)

It was announced this morning that there will be a community outreach at 1:30 in the afternoon. Thanks to the invitation of the Pastor's wife, i decided to go. First destination was at Mimbalut church. We just left the goods at their care and it's up to them where to distribute. It was my first to visit the church.

Next destination was at Riverside church and when we reached there I was speechless. Aside from the many attendance of young people, the view was breath taking. :) Nice view but i prefer to use the above photo because these are my companions. I wish am there in the group for this picture taking. This is also my first time to visit Riverside church.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

10/365 - PASAP General Assembly

Officially become a member of this association last year (July 2009) and this meeting is our first General Assembly this year, 2010.

We were one of the early birds. Way way better than last year when we were the last who arrived. :)
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LP - Balak (Plan)

- We woke up to a very very cold morning and that's because the mountain was naked. This shot was taken mid-day yet it feels like spring. -

Ang mga litrato na lahok ko ngayong Linggo ay mga glimpses ng Mt. Kitanglad. Ang Mt. Kitanglad ay ang ika apat na pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas. Meron sana akong mga ilang chances na maakyat ang bundok na yan kaso lang nuong able pa akong umakyat di pa ako pinapayagan ng aking magaling na kasintahan. lol! Kaya balak ko na e encourage ang aking anak na babae na umakyat sa Kitanglad kung merong chance.

Ang campus ng Mountain View College ay napakaswerte magkaroon ng majestic view ng Kitanglad range kaya kung dun ka mag-aral sa MVC, magplaplano ka talaga akyatin ang bundok kasi araw araw mo yon makita.

- a morning shot of the Mt. Kitanglad. It was a nice morning (not cold) and i guess it right Mt. Kitanglad is covered by clouds.


The photos am sharing today are glimpses of Mt. Kitanglad. Mt. Kitanglad is the 4th highest mountain in the Philippines.

I had several chances to go with a group to climb Mt. Kitanglad but because of a very protective boyfriend, I was not able to make it.

Our college campus (Mountain View College) is privileged to have the majestic view of the Kitanglad range that's why if you study there, the desire to climb Mt. Kitanglad will burn in your heart.

Am not physically able to climb Mt. Kitanglad now but if in the future my daughter will have the chance, i really plan to encourage her. Am sure she will make it to the top.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


These are what Dimple and I had for lunch. Noodle soup with sotanghon then had to open that corned beef. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LP - Magustuhan (To Like)

Mukhang masarap. Order yan ng kaibigan ko. Gusto ko sana tumikim pero nung nakita ko ang toppings (mukhang bakon) hindi nalang ako tumikim kasi hindi ko alam ko magustuhan ko ba ang pizza topping na ito.


This is my friend's order. It looks yummy and i wanna taste it. But when i saw the toppings (looks like bacon) i have to control myself because i don't think i will like it.

I love pizza though but only toppings of choice.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8/365 - Sand Storm!

Sand Storm!

Desert Storm!

That's the first thought i had in mind when i saw the result of my sky shot. It looks like there is a sand storm going on outside the glass door.

That is no sand storm. That's no desert place outside that building. That's just a dirty glass. I wonder why it's not cleaned by the janitor daily. It was really thick with dust.
A view from the Exit deck on the 4th Floor of the Annex Building.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The sun was bright today especially this afternoon. The reflection of the light in the water radiates its light into the windows.

This photo may look like garbage but what am trying to catch is the dancing light. But I guess the dancing light can't be seen.

Anyways, I did not shoot any object for my Project 365 today. Align Center

Sunday, January 17, 2010


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A "me time" at Greenwich, Gaisano Mall II

Thursday, January 14, 2010

5/365 - LP - Manipis {Thin}

Ang petals ng bulaklak ay isa sa mga ginawa ng Dios na merong sobrang manipis ang balat. Ang litrato na ito ay originally para sa aking 365 Project pero nakita ko na pwede rin sya pang lahok sa LP. Kung gusto mo ma prove na sobrang nipis ang petals ng bulaklak, kurutin mo ito at masugatan agad. Sugat na di na kailan man mawala.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Am now on my third entry yet second week of January is already over. Am not laxing. It's just that am so busy these days.

I was printing almost all afternoon today and even until now and if i look up to the printer's feeder, i can't fail to see this candle holder i received during my birthday month last year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It was last December that me and my officemate subscribed to this famous family friendly reading material - THE READERS DIGEST!

This is my first copy. January 2010.

LP - Makapal (Thick)

Hindi ako masyado kumakain ng Biko pero alam ko na super masarap sya dahil ito ay matamis. Mag enjoy ako ng biko pag ito ay malamig at kunti nalang ang natiral. Gusto ko din na hindi makapal ang latik. Kung makapal man ang latik ayaw ko ang makapal na hiwa. Merong amoy ang biko na maka induce sa akin ng kabusogan at dala ang feeling ng pagkahilo.

Maligayang Bagong Taon ka-LP!


I love Biko but not very much. I like it cold and in very small servings. I don't like the "latik" toppings and if ever there is that "latik" then i just like to taste a spoonful only. Biko got a smell that just by smelling it i would right away feel full especially if i can see a big tray full of it.

Happy New Year LPnians!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have heard of this project years back, yet it took me a long time to join the wagon. It's my first day and it's just a few days after the new year, 2010.

I am hoping that this project will be a successful one.

Good luck to us who just started this year. And those who have started years back or even last year, thanks for the inspiration.

Camera used: Olympus Stylus

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