Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sepia # 9



Both these photos were taken at the part of the Old Wall of China. They call that gate as the old gate dividing the outside world and one of the kingdoms. These was fews days after Christmas day. If am not mistaken it was around December 28th or 29th of December 2004. :) We went touring that part of the city in the cold. Thank God there was no snow in the city that time or I will miss this seeing the place in real.


bert loi said...

ang ibig sabihin ng nkasulat na mga chinese characters sa wall ay 'big good river mountain'.. hehe tama ba? weird noh? hehehe..

Arlene said...

I dunno. I thought it means OLD CITY...or sth related to that. There is no river by that area. don't worry will update this post on that i will ask my chinese friends. :)

KCC said...

I like these series of pictures of this old chinese town.


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