Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Way Thurs-Way # 7

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday weekly meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the likes.


Can you read the guidelines?

This is a swimming guidelines. Taken during the time me and dimple went on an overnight bday celebration at the pool last end of May.

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Ebie said...

Read the fine print? Too small! I need a magnifying lens!

Zee said...

nyahahahahahaha :D naa'y wrong grammar ana sis?

Photo Cache said...

Hah, I don't really read the precautionary postings (ay buking) in places of fun.

My entry is up. It is at

Pacey said...

Ha, bisaya kaayo it coz I can understand what's being written there. Great shot.

Pacey said...

BTW, am so sorry about the loss of someone special to you.

Dimple's Mom said...

@Mommy E -- hehehee i can't read it on the pictures too..too small na. :)

Dimple's Mom said...

@zee -- i think so. i forgot already. read that when i took the shot.

thanks for coming by sis!

Dimple's Mom said...

@Photo Cache -- i don't think it's the same thing abroad. Here in PInas...guidelines are needed because people are just so normally forgetful when not reminded. :)

Dimple's Mom said...

#Pacey -- hahahaha great thing you can understand it all. Bisaya na pagkasulat coz the place is situated in a very rural area.


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