Wednesday, January 19, 2011

6/12 Days Holiday Trip

Day 6
December 25, 2010

It was Friday and Christmas day. We did not leave the island. It was a relaxing day and a nice afternoon. Around 4 pm, I decided that Dimple and I should go swimming. She did not but agreed that she will go along with me.

I put on my pink two piece swimsuit. Char! Yeah u read me right, i put on my two piece but swam at the curve of the island where not much people can see me. The only ones that can see me is my daughter, the stray young lads, and possibly if someone looks down on us from the plane, he or she can see a whale clad in something pink. lol!

Whatever! I had a swim.

1. This is how the sky and the sea looks like before i decided to go swimming -

2. Autumn came into mind when i saw a patch of yellow leaves -

3. I really got scared of these guys, but i befriended them. Still so young to start smoking. :(

4. I have many shots of her that time, that day, but this one my fave of all - so charming. don't u think?

5. The blue waters is calling out to me --

6. So there i was --- =)

yay! that's me in two. lol!

After swimming, we went back to the resort and then i watched the sun set.


maiylah said...

gorgeous shots, 'Lene! was this in Bohol? Hubby there right now, but on a business trip.
...and good for you wearing your two-piece! i still have to buy mine, LOL! ;)

Sunshinelene said...

Thanks Mai! yes this was in Bohol last December. I have not yet finished posting pics of a day...ang bagal ko talaga.

Oh the two piece! ang kapal ng mukha ko to wear that and to post i here. Pero cg lang that's the reality am no slim anymore but still can wear one. hahaha

Go na bili ka na!

And oh i hope to go back to Bohol someday and makavisit ako ng Panglao.


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